The city of 50 hearthlings

Here some screenshots of my alpha 20 village (including mods). I’ve played on this single save since the release of 20, and managed to reach the villager cap, thus thought to share it here to show the insane scaling for the city worth (and to a lesser extend, the food requirements). Please note that my stockpile (mainly gold) accounts for 2/3 th of my city worth, filling the requirements with buildings only would require 3 times this amount of houses (which amounts to approximately 3 houses per person).

Also, I would not recommend anyone trying to accomplish this without a few good movies to watch while running the game. Starting around 30 villagers, I had to run the game on normal speed to prevent all my people going on a strike and just standing around the campfire :glum:.

(sorry for the low quality graphics, my laptop couldn’t handle shadows)

Furthermore, since I’m making a post anyway, I would like all the great modders of stonehearth without whom this would have been a lot harder:

Sprios container mod: thank you for creating a awesome storage system which gave each workspace its unique look.

assassin, enchanter (plus), final fantasy jobs, patrol_mod and balista mod: thank you for the awesome mods which provide end game defenses and equipment capable of dealing with the large hordes of enemies storming my village.

stonehearth expanded: thank you for turning useless enemy drops into something which can be turned into nice statues (and furthermore, sold for a large profit)

furniture expansion plus, settlement decor mod and yangdecorations: thank you for creating the objects to make this city feel like it is really alive.


It is nice to see that stonehearth is slowly approaching that 50 heathling cap for more and more people, eventually I would hope (when the code becomes much more refined) that they would raise the cap to 75 or maybe even 100, but until that day all I can say is good work my man, on putting the game to its limits.

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