The best Game on Earth?

Hello :smile: I Started playing this game 2 months ago and i really have to say this is the most awesome game ever made <3 I was looking for a Town building game with great Combat aspect since 5-6 years but ive never found anything worth playing more than 10 minutes. Now i got Stonehearth and it is Really good looking and has a sweet gameplay. The way how you build your house is very nice and easy to learn just like the combat or the crafting system. The sounds are very nice and the game never gets boring. I also like the whole new stuff you add to the game. I cant wait to see what the Engineer is being able to build. You guys Rock and deserve the highest of all high fives :raised_hand:


yeah, same here, I have been looking for a town builder for years and thats why I backed these guys on kickstarter, I think they get it :relaxed:

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Best game in the universe!

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Not only is Stonehearth one of the best games in the world (sorry, there is still Dwarf Fortress and Games in other categories, but there isnโ€™t a โ€œbetterโ€ game than Stonehearth), but also:
Team Radiant is the best Development Team ever!
You can talk to them, they listen to Community Suggestions and that is one of the reasons this game is so awesome.
And, most awesome ever: If there is a game-crashing bug, they get a hotfix out within A DAY!
(yes, looking at you, @yshan ;-))
Seriously, Team Radiant, you all are the best.