Feedback from ponotte

Hi! this game rock! rly. it just rock. all things in this game is good. i dont hate anything in this game. okay. there’s some bugs, but i know them will be fixed. in this game you can build own town, make own food, buy and sell thing, earn gold and then use it to buy something you need. goblin attacks… you must protect your town with footman and soon with archers and other fighting guys. almost everyday you get one new villager to your town. so you can play this game like a forever. well not forever. the map have borders, but still. i think you must play ower 500h to get little bit bored. aaand then come NEW update. new things, new game. aaand another 500h and new update :stuck_out_tongue: that’s awesome. admins here is very kind people, anserw to your guestions or bugs come rly fast. if you have never played this game. now GO TO BUY IT! play it and you can see i’m not wrong. no matter are you girl or boy. this game is for young people too. now my head is shacking cuz, when new update comes, i will play this game until i die! :smiley: this game is going to be so awesome!

hope you liked this topic :slight_smile: i love you guys.


the wisest words ive heard all day…

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wisest words is that you say “hi! guess what. i have played stonehearth today about 12hours :slight_smile: that game is awesome! i never stop playing this!”