The Ballad of Burgtun

Gather ye round, travelers, and let me regale you with the tale of the doomed village of Burgtun. A small, poor, but up-and-coming village, its founders named it after what they hoped to achieve; Burgtun or “City-Town.” The founders were ambitious, not creative.

The plague started in the furnishing of the in-construction town hall, with a citizen who we now believe to be the minion of some kind of wizard. Her name was Caye Carlwine and no one had ever questioned her strange attraction to dinner tables.

Unfortunately, despite showing all the warning signs of a thrall (strange behavior, blocky stature, and curious storage protocol) by the time doomed Burgtun had realized, it was far too late, and she had successfully utilized the dinnertable to set off the wizard’s dark, loathesome magic. Four nearby villagers were affected by the plague, and were soon rendered immobile, stock still, staring forward without any sign of life or thought.

All was not lost however! due to their hearty, down-home nature or perhaps just their relative proximity, the local farmers were unaffected and appeared to continue farming, quite oblivious to the fate of their fellow villagers. Perhaps some magical, undiscovered properties of pumpkin was the source of their resistance. Perhaps they were so dedicated to their chosen (for them) profession of working the earth, that they had not yet noticed the vacant stares of their neighbors. Perhaps they just didn’t like them very much.

In any case, dear travelers, remember this lesson well from the Doom of Burgtun; beware ice wizards, and safe often!

This post in memory of Burgtun, RIP 10/10/14 10:30pm-10/10/14 11:15pm


This is a quite amusing story. But i would say that it belongs in the Fan Media section :slight_smile:


Yay!!! I was waiting for DF style stories!


On a serious note, did saving & reloading do anything for the poor hearthlings?

No, sadly, the save file was lost…but never fret! Burgtun rises again!

Also, I didn’t see fan media section, I’ll be sure to post appropriately next time.