The Journal of Monty Hunterton (The Story of Knighton)

Day 1 of Deepmun, 1000:

The journey was long and hard from our homeland. Each village had a notice from the Capital calling for all fit and strong men and women to celebrate Embarkation Day - only seven of us were picked. After heading west and skirting southward around the Stone Mountains we traversed the Iron Pass. We had finally reached the end of the maps, and we decided to settle down. We have named the large, open plains Knighton Valley, and the nearby lake Karn Lake, an homage to our treasured carpenter Navin Karn. He tells us stories of his family’s long history as successful fishermen.

Greyla Carlwine has taken up the duties of a trapper, and Freya Coroda has suggested that we move some of the local plants closer to our current center. Alex Umbro and I have agreed that she would make a good herbalist, if she so desires. For now, we will work on establishing a foothold here before building any permanent settlement.


Day 2 of Deepmun, 1000:

We have quite quickly established ourselves. Azlynn Jovil has taken up the role of a farmer, and construction has started on our first building - a small three-story building to house just one resident - as our numbers expand and our minds think, we shall construct bigger and more beautiful buildings. Azlynn has taken to collaborating with Freya to find a way to give my drawings the same beautiful color that we see.

Meanwhile, we’re split on something - security. Greyla, Alex, and Dara Rook claim that they have seen things - glowing orbs of light, like eyes, off in the distance. Some are low, and some are tall. Freya, Azlynn, and Navin say that they are just seeing things, but they call for defense. I don’t know where I stand.


Day 3 of Deepmun, 1000:

By Cid, Greyla and them were right! Earlier today, around high noon, we were attacked by these vicious stone monsters! We were able to rally and fight them off, and then as the day was coming to a close, we were set upon by a band of goblin thieves! I was able to grab a sizable branch and fight them off.

In recognition, Navin took the branch and fashioned it into a sword, and crafted a crude buckler as well. All of my fellow travelers agree that I should take up the job to our defense and become the first Footman of Knighton, as well as our leader. I do not know what to think or say, other than gratitude and a defiant yell to any of our attackers.


Day 20 of Deepmun, 1000:

Greetings, my friend. Long has it been since I have been able to write - my new job has taken up much of my time. Much has happened since my last entry. Since then we have welcomed four new citizens into our fledgling village - Alex Oppen, Helen Carvad, Ollen Fenton, and Leah Pounder; we have constructed two new buildings, one a house and another a large inn with bedding spacious enough for ten (and a place to store our food); we have been attacked by all manner of monster and creature - from rock golems to goblins, and entlings to undead themselves - and as such, Ms. Pounder has joined me in the role of Knighton’s defense.

Freya has indeed become an herbalist like we thought. She has saved me from many a grievous injury, and has taken up the position of loremaster in our town. Dara has become a weaver and is in fact quite good at it; she has constructed both Leah and I sturdy armor of leather.

Knighton is flourishing, and I hope it will continue to do so for many, many more moons.


Day 9 of Dewmun, 1000:

Another long writing hiatus, and with this there is yet more development in Knighton. We have gone from 11 villagers to 17, Azlynn is our esteemed cook; Alex’s sister Sam, and two men by the names of Mard Yiss and Tibber Rayne are now our farmers; a woman Helen Carvad has joined us as a third soldier; Greyla and Ollen have gone through the roles of trappers are are now shepherds, with pastures for sheep and poyos; Alex Umbro has taken up the mason-work; there is a barn built for storage of crops, two houses have been added, and we have set up a marketplace and open square that is soon to be the center of our city. On a side note, Freya has devised a brilliant way to add color to my drawings!

Of course, this all isn’t without danger. We have been attacked by wolves, varanus, and stone golems both small and large. For a period, raids by undead were nightly - but these were all beaten off without any serious harm to our own villagers.

What is rather unsettling, however, is the fact that just a couple weeks ago, a horde of goblins had set up camp to the south, near the Gray Mountains. Their leader, a rather mean-looking and unnaturally large (by their standards) goblin had strolled into town and demanded we pay him tribute, claiming that this land was now part of ‘The Great Glittering Territory’. We drove him off, and he said he would be back with force. A couple weeks went by and he eventually did, but only to say that we were getting boring and that they would be leaving. I shudder to think that this might mean there might be a goblin stronghold nearby - in the numbers they came in, the population could rival that of the Capital.

That is all for now, as night approaches.


Day 11 of Dewmun, 1000:

I was right about one thing - that wasn’t the last we’d seen of the goblins. A new camp was sighted on the banks of Karn Lake. The following evening, we found thieves trying to steal from us! We killed them and as midnight approached, launched our own assault on the camp. We achieved victory, almost pyrrhic - their chieftain hit hard, wielding a giant mace of bone. I was wounded but not grievously. The new recruit, Helen, suffered minor injuries.

We vanquished the chieftain, and his dying breath put a chill to my heart - he mentioned an Ogo Skullcrusher or Soothsayer… could this be the great Orc leader that is suspected to be behind the terrorization of settlements on the frontier of the kingdom? Whatever the news, I do not like it.

However, now is the time for rest. May it be - by Cid! What is THAT?!


Day 16 of Dewmun, 1000:

We were under attack by stone golems bigger and meaner than any we had ever seen before. After the encounter with the goblin chieftain, we were able to fight off the golems but did so by the skin of our teeth. All three of us survived, and Freya patched us up like new, as always. Not too long after had we defeated the chieftain, were we notified by Mer Burlyhands that there were goblin wolves in the area. He told us to watch our backs, or run. We prepared as best we could.

Three camps sprung up around Knighton, each one a day apart. We wouldn’t have known about any of them, except we were warned first by a group of nomads who came through and said that they had sighted a camp not too far away. The next night, Alex Umbro found a note struck onto our banner by an arrow - and Navin had said that he saw a green-skinned, pointy-eared man in a cloak, leaving town. None of us footmen saw him, but the note he left read cold - warning us that there were two more camps on their way, and telling us exactly where they would be.

Hopefully that is the last we have seen of the goblins. Unfortunately, it seems as if a necromantic cult has taken to our lands. We are going to keep Knighton safe, no matter what.


Day 17 of Dewmun, 1000:

We launched an attack on the crypt. The fighting was tough, for battling a bunch of corpses.

As we besieged the walls of the crypt, the necromancer and more undead came out and attacked us. We killed the necromancer, but I am wounded. It is nothing serious, as the town is safe once more.


Awesome AAR! I’d love to see more details on the buildings, your town looks very cool. Can’t wait to read more.


Day 25 of Dewmun, 1000:

It has been relatively peaceful since we destroyed the crypt and drove out the undead. Knighton has continued to grow, and our blacksmith Sanin Burlyhands has crafted us four footmen some fine weapons and armor. May they help us greatly in the defense of Knighton.

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Day 25 of Dewmun, 1000:

Something has changed. The birds are quiet, the wild animals are hiding. Even the wind has changed. A dark cloud is hanging over the Iron Pass, and it extends across the Stone and Gray Mountains. I fear that we are now subject to darker, more powerful and more cruel beings. Tomorrow, we must start preparing.

Evil is coming.

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Day 27 of Dewmun, 1000:

Since the other day, we have made great changes. I now serve Knighton as the bulwark that my allies hide behind; Tippy Boltoose has taken up the art of the bow and arrow; and Freya has tapped into something very mystical - both her courage and some form of healing magic. She serves us as a cleric, keeping Leah, Helen, and us alive in the face of adversity.

Otherwise, we have found another crypt - it was swiftly destroyed by our new and great strength. The lands are still quiet; I fear there is something else to come.

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Day 3 of Rainmun, 1000:

The skirmishes with monsters have become increasingly violent, and deadly - we have been attacked several times by these nasty things called kobolds, and their wolves. The kobolds are masterful archers, and have been giving Tippy a run for her money. Our weaver Dara has come up with something genius: a quiver for our archers that holds arrows that can be set alight! Pulled back to full draw, when shot the arrowhead scrapes against the bow and sparks, igniting the tip and giving a nasty surprise to any enemy!

Our most recent skirmish has been against some large monstrosity. No one in the Ascendancy has seen anything like it.

It was accompanied by a couple of wolves, but we killed them. I just hope that these ogres, as some are calling them, aren’t smart enough to organize raids with the kobolds. That could provide a truly nasty outcome.

In other, happier news, our blacksmith Sanin Burlyhands finally has a place to call his own.


Day 19 of Rainmun, 1000:

The past two weeks have been absolute hell… none of us have gotten any sleep… people are disappearing in the middle of the night. We’ve seen hordes of kobolds and ogres…

Orcs… there are orcs everywhere… in the mountains… under the trees… in the fields… some have even attacked with the others, fiendish berserkers… killed Helen in one fell swoop…

By Cid! There’s… there’s hundreds of them! They’re spilling out of the Stone Mountains! They’re coming out of the Iron Pass!

There’s blood covering the page and the rest of the journal is heavily torn, the back cover shredded