That Which Sleeps

Hey! Wanted to share this cool little game I game across awhile ago. It’s a strategy/4x-ish title where you play an ancient evil and try to take over the world! The kickstarter finished a bit ago( with all stretch goals achieved!) but you can still back on their site.

The site:

The Kickstarter: That Which Sleeps by King Dinosaur Games —Kickstarter

The forums: That Which Sleeps Forum • Index page

I feel my wallet growing lighter as I type this.

Curse you.

Hehe, it certainly sucked me in, I share your pain.

i remember seeing this last month… good to see they smashed their campaign target! :+1:

Just wanted to stick in an update: Even though kickstarter is over it is now possible that if enough additional funding is reached through paypal backers that other races/agents could be added to the game as well.