Kickstarter - Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

hey folks… what time is it? time to aggravate @newf showcase a new KS campaign!

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is an action/adventure game with a unique survival twist. You play as Lathe, a teenage woodling and an avid inventor. During your adventures you are accompanied by a stone giant named Roguard. Together you must fight back hordes of wooden zombies, better known as “The Deadwood” and stop the curse from spreading through the land of Knottington.

love the art-style, music and survival/exploration elements… think i’ll be backing soon! :smile: :+1:

edit: annnnnnd, backed… yup, that felt right… :smile:

edit #2: paging @paulsoaresjr! :smile: seems to be your bailiwick my friend! :+1:

edit #3: new backer reward to all pledge levels (over $5) and more details on their “indiebox” package…

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even though the campaign is struggling (which I find very baffling), I’ve tossed up a quick “indie insight” on my channel…

oh, and I have the web cam on this time… :blush:

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I have to admit, I’m sad to see a game like this struggling so much for funds.

The reasons behind it could be anything from poor timing to unusually low exposure for variable reasons there too. I’ve come across a number of projects that seem to me to be well worthy of consideration and lack a great deal of attention. I’m glad that didn’t happen to Stonehearth, quote the opposite.

I wish I could justify the expense of backing them too but I simply can’t right now.


hey @Sern… yeah, it’s definitely an unfortunate set of circumstances here… but I was just talking with some of the team today, and they do indeed have a followup plan in place…

here’s hoping it all works out! :+1:

edit: the team has decided to cancel this campaign, and re-launch next week (Tuesday, April 14th)… they’re really hoping to have that early momentum and reach 50% of their funding within the first 24-48 hours (which then, in theory, motivates new backers to want to actually back the project)… :+1:


Hopefully the game does well–I’m actually interested in the premise, but like @Sern said, I’m unable to back them at the time.

Part of it for me has to do with other, more mainstream games coming out the same time as these Kickstarters and indie games are coming up. Case in point, I’m actually picking up Etrian Mystery Dungeon tomorrow for the 3DS, which is about $45 I have to take out of my monthly stipend from my college.

At least the restarted campaign will hopefully get the word spread more and help the team make their goal! Best of luck to them!

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absolutely understandable! there’s only so much discretionary income, after all… :wink:

yeah, I think if they have a stellar 48 hours and raise at least half their campaign total, they can nail it this time… plus, they have revamped the tiers and have some great offers…

hey folks!

would some of you do me a huge favor and signup over on Thunderclap? I had never heard of it before, but apparently its some sort of social networking “media hub” that uses your facebook, twitter and/or tumblr accounts to make announcements all at once…

the Deadwood campaign is kicking off their reboot tomorrow and they need about 6 more people to sign up on Thunderclap for the announcements to go out… could some of you help out? :smile: :pray:


You haven’t heard of this before? O_o

The Universim had an insane surge of backers after their thunderclap :smiley:


The new campaign’s live here. Just a couple days in and they’re already three-fourths the way there!

Let’s hope it goes better this time, but it looks like it already has so far!


yeah, I’ve been shakin those pom-poms!! :smile:

Hey, they’re within $1,000 of the $60,000 mark–getting closer! Considering they still have 27 days to go, I think it’s fairly likely they’ll pass $65,000 before then. Here’s hoping the campaign keeps this momentum going!


woohoo! I have my sights set on the endless and creative modes… sounds like a blast! :smile: :+1:


Oi, @SteveAdamo. They passed $65,000 and got funded. Still another 18 days or so on the campaign!


yes sir, they have indeed! :smile:

I’ve been talking to the developers quite a bit actually… really wanting to see these guys succeed! :+1: