Terrain/Elevation issue - Master Shepherd stuck on tree

My master shepherd managed to climb a tree and get stuck on top. I’m not sure how this happened but if I had to guess I would say the the tree grew while the shepherd was on higher terrain and saw it as stairs prior to it growing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Plant tree(s) near higher elevation.
  2. Employ a shepherd near the area.
  3. Let the shepherd do their thing and grab an animal on said higher terrain.
  4. Let the shepherd walk in the direction of the tree.


Version Number and Mods in use:
707 x64
No mods

System Information:
Win 7
Intel HD 5500

Entirely possible.
My hearthlings used cacti as stairs, so it seems they have collision boxes.

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Forgot to add my ID.


Adding screenshots of other hearthlings that built ladders to her elevation yet she won’t use them to get down.

Seems like you’ll have to go full lumberjack style.

Sidenote: perhaps situations like this shouldn’t be avoided - they are quite funny. It would be useful, however, to get notifications about “stuck” hearthlings and be able to save them with ladders.

“No sweat pal, firefighters to the rescue!”


Yeah that would be nice. I like the fact that you can tell 1 hearthling to mine a hole 50m deep then just build a ladder to escape but insert higher power here help them if they climb a tree. :laughing:

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i had a hearthling that got stuck on a finished roof, the game crashed, i reset it and he glitched to rooftop, built a ladder to reach them

Did you see any error?

Yes it was apologizing for the game crashing and had a box to click to reset the LUI. Once I reset the UI the hearthi was stranded on roof starving. Since I’m brand new to game not sure where screen shots are stored or how to take them

Yeah if the message said to refresh the UI, then it was a UI error, and should not affect the game if you refresh the UI.

The screenshots taken with PtrScr are in the screenshots folder, inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth (assuming a default Steam installation).

Sounds like the other hearthlings removed the scaffolding before he got the chance to come down :disappointed_relieved: