Templates not working

Summary: My templates don’t work anymore

Steps to reproduce:

  1. load template
  2. ?
  3. no template showing

Expected Results: template appears

Actual Results: template doesn’t appear

Notes: There’s more bugged templates but this one is the biggest I’ve saved. I don’t remember which version this template last working.


def86def-2e20-470c-80e0-cb671be63454.rar (49.5 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use: R884

  • endpieces
  • microworld
  • StatMod3-6
  • workshop_inventory_display
  • archipelago_biome
  • armis_maximus
  • autoharvest_mod
  • betterstorage
  • canyon_biome
  • cattect_colors
  • ClearSky
  • finery
  • fornjotr
  • homesweethome
  • MRcontainers
  • oasis
  • obligationtracker
  • rivers
  • roll_for_need
  • settlementdecor
  • signery
  • swamp_goblins
  • unicorn_biome

System Information:
Intel I3-2120
Geforce GT 730

cattect_colors is a mod for old builder… i think you used colors from this mod


that is the problem, if it colors, it wont even load in the template, but if items are in form other mods, it will load it in, but u cant set it, as it bugs the game out

is there a way to fix this?