Template Not Building

Template in question:
NotBuildingTemplate.zip (5.8 KB)

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to report a template not building. I builds the first floor, then adds ladders inside the first floor, and then it simply stops building. I think it has to do with the balcony I added.

What it should be:

What happens:

I can’t tell for sure from the image, but is that curtain deployed or ghosted? They won’t keep going until that item is built and placed.

looks ghosted
maybe you can add a ladder around (probably at one side)
also check the curtain is available as sometimes it ends in an unreachable place

It is ghosted. The item is available in town though, and it does not look unreachable to me. They even put down the ladder for it :slight_smile:

try adding a new ladder
i had a simmilar issue once with decorations as they set the ladder over the placing location
once i put a new one at the side they were able to keep their work
if that doesn’t work then i’m out of ideas :confused:

I don’t have a better idea then @ No_name. Try to quick save and load, maybe they are just idleing.

I created another template with the curtain that remained ghosted removed, and now it builds just fine. I guess it’s OK to leave the thread up as the devs may extract some useful information out of the template regarding why it doesn’t build the ladder correctly.

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