[New builder] Unable to build this template

I created a building, inspired by the camping site a redditor posted today.

But this 3 rooms tent cannot be built (I got the message), but nothing is red when starting.

I got some red during the build but they start and almost complete it.

But, they do not cut holes in roof, so the 2 secondary rooms are inaccessible.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Paste this template

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:


df975eec-2d81-4db4-9cca-ed0014559e66.txt (125.2 KB)

The .txt should be .json, but the forum prevent me to upload json file

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the hearthlings need at least 4 blocks in height to pass through, if i remember correctly? It seems that your connections are only 3 blocks high inside?

Nice template though, i love A frames :slight_smile:

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Im guessing that Redditor was me :wink: (Thahat)
also, i heared that templates dont currently store cuts in roofs propperly, so it might have to do with that.
The 3 high blocks inside what @Fornjotr said might be it too (though i havent looked at it, will do so when at home)

you could try that happens if you make the hallways have at least a 1x4 high air space from house to house and see it that helps. also, where do they stop building?