How do you include new templates in a mod

I seem to be having quite a lot of bother trying to add new templates to my mod following the same pattern as the Rayya’s Children mod

I’m wondering if it is the format of the templates that might be causing the problem as it is vastly different from the old builder to the new.

The error I get is:

Does anyone have any insight to share?


the fact that in game default stuff like the wolves pen is broken, old builder style stuff is broken and new builder style buildings arent workshop proof yet? -as far as i know-

We need to wait a little more I guess. That is why I asked about Building templates and kingdom categories

In the archipelago I have custom templates and I wonder how it will be categorized in the new builder.

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Thanks for the replies.
Good to know it is not me then, I could have wasted the rest of the day chasing that one around in circles :wink: