Template Error a Friend encountered


So, a very shy friend of mine who doesn’t know how to report bugs on the forums, ran into a small issue on his save. Whilst he was working on some templates, he had a template of a blacksmith, and decided to change it. So, he added a wetstone to it, and then saved it again. Ever since then, he gets an error as he tries to load in the new template, but according to him, the template seems to work in other worlds, just not this one.

This is the error he gets:

This link goes to a drive containing a .rar file with the save and the template

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods, latest unstable.

I hope you guys know how to fix it, or even what’s wrong. Any explanation or help would be useful xD


Using wet stones in templates… sounds risky :thinking:
We’ll take a look at it.


Ah, I appear to have made a mistake…

Instead of a wetstone, as we know it in the game, my friend made a wetstone, like one for blacksmiths, out of stone. If you look at the building in the little workshop area, between the anvil and a crate for items, you see this thing made. In the image below I pointed at it with a badly drawn red arrow xD

When he added this, the error appeared.


Ah, made with blocks. Thanks for the clarification.


Just to reduce confusion, that would be a “whetstone.”


Good to know, thank you xD