[Template] Wooden/Stone Trees

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Have you ever felt like “Man, I wish I had a forest made of wood!”? If so, here’s your chance!! Grab these templates, cut down those ugly green trees, only to replace them with these yellowish trees made of the wood of the trees you aim to replace!

Have you ever felt like you wanted to surround yourself with a forest made of the same material your heart is made of? Here’s your chance; grab these templates and build your forest of stone!

Dropbox Download Link

Place these (the .json, and .png files) to “saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates” that is located inside your game folder.


  • Pine woods will end up with bits of foundation which can’t be removed
  • Hearthlings will leave bits of ladders and foundations on pine woods and you will have to manually place ladders to help them fools remove them
  • Sometimes Hearthlings will get stuck while building pine wood
  • They can’t remove these buildings, unless you manually place ladders
  • CTRL + C opens the console, select the ghost of your pine trees and type ib into the console to instantly build them, or destroy to instantly remove the ones you want to easily get rid of


Good old building trees. I’ve messed around with building trees in the past, but I never bothered to accurately replicate all the trees. Thanks for your work!

Also, it looks like the team could have quite the test for improving scaffolding placement with that pine tree. I forget who was doing most of the work on scaffolding recently, but someone should page them.

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I think this is best for the “Modeling and Animation” category.
Nevermind, I have no idea where this should go, either.
Also, really quite nice idea.

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Wouldnt it be better to make an Mod where the normal map automatically also add this trees?

I could see a use for this if the colors were more varied to look like the real trees but differnt seasons. One thing i wish we could do is plant decorative trees, ones that grow to specific heights. These tree buildings could fit the niche with a recolor

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