Teleportation command for timesaver fail!

Hey everyone!

Had a bit of fun starting a new map for hard difficulty. Pausing and messing around with the ctrl +c and typing teleport to move individual objects to make a convienient effifcient map.
Then I thought what about creating a pen and filling it with all the animals in a confined space for trapper to just go nuts in for quick levels from fast catches!

I started with a small pen created by Masons stone wall, they all didnt bother with the traps… I thought maybe pen was too confined so created a large wooden wall box in to give them more of a free range feel.
Still no traps activated… Considered too close to main base was spooking them so moved it further out and still no joy.

I wonder if too many animals in close proximity bugs them out from activating traps or maybe there’s a factor I’m missing out?

Traps spawn their own animals. The ones already in the map are “decoration” only.


Ah thanks for the heads up!