Technological Advancements

I’m curious to hear what people think about how power could be incorporated into the game, or if it should be at all. Sense we’ll be in a fantasy setting, would being able to generate electrical energy be too off base from the feel the devs are going for?

And what kind would there be? Steam? Coal? Hydroelectric? Geothermal? Oil?Maybe you get to choose what path you want to go down.

But how would this work with magic. Maybe you have one town that’s magic and the other electrical. Or have them together in some sort of mixture.

I’m sure much of this could be modded in, but I’m just wondering about the base game here.

Just some thoughts.

Just a heads up, there’s already been some discussion regarding power [url] here. [/url]

Thanks. Must have overlooked this when I was looking for it before.