Tall structure freezes game upon completion

I am trying to build a large statue in the center of my town, however, once the structure is complete and the game tries to remove the scaffolding game time freezes. I can still select buildings, hearthlings, objects etc.
When I try to save, nothing happens, when I try to load, nothing happens, when I try to quit, nothing happens.
The structure is about 4 stories high, I know stonehearth has had its share of issues with tall structures in the past but I’ve never come across something like this.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place Building
  2. Finish Building
  3. Wait

Expected Results:

A finished building.

Actual Results:

Time freezes without my consent.


I also checked for a crash report and it doesn’t seem like there is one, the game just pauses.
Destroying the building produces the same result.
Using the ib command to finish the building doesn’t freeze the game.
Using destroy_scaffolding produces the error:


The structure:


1.0, no mods in use.

Apologies I don’t think the images attached correctly.

Using destroy_scaffolding produces the error:

The structure:

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Hey @Morphic, do you still have that savefile? or that template?
If so, could you upload them?