Taking down scaffolding before building the roof

My Hearthlings will build a building up to the roof, then take down the scaffolding, then build it back up again to build the roof. Taking down the scaffolding didn’t seem necessary to me before building the roof.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a building
  2. Wait for hearthlings to build until roof
  3. Result

Expected Results:
Building the roof with no hesitation or scaffold-taking-down
Actual Results:
Hearthlings will take down scaffolding, build it back up, then build roof


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 18 release-663 64 bit (no mods)
System Information:

Welcome to the forum, @chaseandwin232 :slight_smile:

I believe they just remove half of the first scaffolding, but the scaffolding they build to reach the roof is on other terrain blocks, since the roof overhangs a little.

They actually need this secondary scaffolding in order to build the roof, otherwise they can’t do the outside border.

In any case, they will have to take down both scaffolding layers.