Tabletop Simulator Group and Giveaway

anyone got Tabletop Simulator yet was going to get it on steam and wanted to see if I could get a group of people that would be interested in playing all kind of games on it and possibly even a D&D or Pathfinder group to play on it

I’ll give out 3 copies for the holiday for those that would be interested in joining the group to play games together and such

I’ll reveal winners on Christmas or day after Christmas

So if i got it right i can play a nice calming table top game and when i get mad i can table flip without having to clean my mess up… 10/10 i am in :smiley:

there is a four pack on steam so 2 more :smile:


[quote=“Duke5501, post:2, topic:9168”]
there is a four pack on steam
[/quote]oh yea there is isn’t there missed that :smile: so yea I’ll give away 3 copies

I’ll take a copy, I’ve always wanted to be a table!


Congratualations to @Duke5501, @TurtleSquish and well @Valiance (with his invisible post) on winning a copy of the game Merry Christmas

P.S. @SteveAdamo you can close this now

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