T-shirts and Wallpapers


Would it be possible to get the the picture of the giant constructed town or the half skeleton/half guy as a t-shirt or wallpaper? That would be awesome and as for the t-shirts I’m sure you could sell them via Spreadshirt so you didn’t have to bother with the faff of them. I just think it would be a great way to get you money and have free advertising :slight_smile:


Someone should make me a 1366 x 768 wallpaper :smiley:


i believe the intent is to have a swag store in the coming months… the t-shirt on the KS campaign will be exclusive there, so whatever appears in the store will be different than what we’ve seen so far…


I hope so, going to have to buy something from them if they go to PAX East next year :wink:


I would like to have a developer Poster. So all people involved in the game with an autograph under it. Something like a family picture ^^


During the countdown livestream, someone posted this as a custom destop wallpaper that they photoshopped. I don’t know who did it, though.


This may help a bit here : http://stonehearth.net/media/