Super xat box for fan please dont lock it t-t

join and be active please, we could host games and stuff there too

@SteveAdamo . Technically if you lock this they can still click the link.

He’s right! we can still use the muzzle… I-I-I mean have the possibility to Lock it… O-o

You have already mentioned this.

Ok so i made a xat chatbox dedicated to the fans of stone hearth, you can come here, hangout with the people on it, and i might name people moderator, who ever helps a lot of people and does not talk random things.


Then this was locked because there was another thread that pertained to the subject, so why didn’t you put this in the thread which the first one was moved too if you don’t want it locked?

really? because your first and second threads werent enough? :wink:

both of which were merged in the other IRC thread here