Summary of a couple alpha 21 bugs

There are a couple of bugs in alpha 21
Even when starting a brand new village the bugs stay reinstalling the game wont work either

1.Game crash when a befriended animal eats out of a basket
2.Severe game performance issues on nvidia and amd cards So probably not driver dependent
3.Alot of scaffolding error’s
4.And error’s when hearthlings place ladders

What code that this is related to i dont know im not a game dev

System Specs
Amd RX 460 4GB Msi OC version Videocard
Intel I5 4460 Quad-Core 3.2 ghz processor
12 GB of Mixed ram HyperX and GEIL Ram <------ This won’t be a problem because of the adjustment in speed
500GB Western Digital HardDrive

Lowering the settings wont help either because when i do that my fps will increase but ill get some sort of really heavy lag spike that you dont notice as much while playing on higher settings

And another bug

The Cleric seems to not be healing people at all even reloading saves wont work

And Farmer’s harvest half a field and then suddenly cancel their job and stand idle and just not do anything

Are you using any mods?

no i am not using any mods just the vanilla version of the game steam latest alpha 21

Have you checked to make sure that the cleric has the job box checked on your character list?

I’ve run into that before, where I forgot one box (or so :glum: ) when switching the fighter group between hauling and their jobs.

If the cleric job box isn’t checked and the group is ordered to fight, then they run up and punch the enemy, or whack it with their books. LOL

sadly their job is turned on so that’s not the solution :frowning:

I am pretty sure this has happened to me before. It got resolved at some point after I promoted another cleric. Maybe try that?