Suggestion: Worked internal cave walls

At the moment, you don;t get any net worth benefit from caves, so making an underground civilisation doesn’t really work. My suggestion is how about a way to have worked internal walls. There could be a few types - wood panels via the carpenter, brickwork via the mason, clay tiles via the potter etc.

You would construct those, and then designate walls in a mine. Your hearthlings would go and place it, making pretty walls instead of “raw rock” walls. Any rooms fully dressed like this would then contribute to net worth, so your underground civilization could flourish, as well as extra “credit” for doors, lamps, fittings and so on.

Plus, it would make mine tunnels etc look a lot nicer. There could even be different patterns of brick, wood panelling, etc.

Not too complicated a change, but something pretty cool. What do you think? Is this somehting the devs would consider, @sdee?


hmm… i like the idea. though if something like this, or anything revolving around net worth from living underground/in caves, i would imagine it wouldn’t get added until the dwarves are in-game…


I don;t see why. It seems like it would be a pretty easy thing to add into the game, and gives a massive boost to the game. This is a game all about making a town and making it pretty, but caves etc are extremely boring and dull and hard to make them look nice. This would go HUGELY towards making caves more visually interesting and would add to the game immensely. I don’t see that it should need to wait until Dwarves, which aren’t coming out until post final release.

kind of answered yourself there :wink:

the game is about building a town/city, and with each kingdom/race getting their own style of buildings, i can imagine that dwarves will get caves as their main home.

but don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that caves shouldn’t get any love right now, i just think that fancy cave city/town stuff would make most sense to wait for a race that focuses on cave dwelling…

just my 2 cents though…

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There is a workaround you can use that I was experimenting with a couple of weeks ago, and requires a little cheating using the ib console command to instantly build a building. If you mine areas that leave you with 7 square tall walls (turns into 8 when you put the foundation down) you can build houses with rayyas children’s flat roofs that fill in perfectly. Like I said, you have to use the ib command, because the hearthlings won’t actually build it because they can’t use scaffolding.

+1 Love the idea !
Who will be the first to rebuild the Moria tunnels?