Suggestion: Water Mills

I’ve not heard any news about this being put into the game, maybe once the beta/finished game is released or somebody could make a mod.

Workshops for workers such as weavers could be placed by bodies of water. The side of the building would have a water wheel that connects to a long wooden beam that turns gears powering the various factories

The wheel could be made by a carpenter then the engineer connects in to the workshop building


Ya, I had thought about this as well! I feel it would add to the village feel of the game and, as you said, help with some of the workshops too. It’s always fun to dream of the future; it could become reality!

You may find @chessmaster42’s work interesting, although it may not have everything you ask for yet:

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well i dont know if this is a planed feature or not, but we will be getting wheat/grains to make flour from, for the cook to use. not sure if we would be using water wheels or windmills, i think it would be awesome if we could get both and choose depending upon the place we started out :smile: