Suggestion: Make the world seed visible for outdated savegames

With the latest unstable update I found myself having to restart the world. I’ve tried to get the world seed, but it is nowhere to be found (at least in a visible way, since I’d bet that the .bin files have it).
It would be much apprecciated if the world seed could be retrieved easily when a version changes.
Thank you for your time!

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You can do that, open console and type world_seed. It will return you the number.


You cannot once the game has been updated and the games are recognized as outdated. You can’t even load these games.

Indeed. So you right a way to find out this seed would be welcome.
Personally I always keep 2 or 3 builds older than the main for test purpose so if you still have your save and the build number, send me the file and I’ll find the number for you.

It’s too late for this one. I got rid of it to start over. I will keep a note with my seed for future updates, however the best solution would be to keep it visible ^^.
Thank you for your kind offer to help!

though its a not bad idea, it could run into problems later on. say when Water Part II comes along, all your old seeds wont have the rivers and such, so either the seed id now incompatible or is for a different world.

make sense?


Of course, just like with Minecraft, if the world generation module changes, the seeds generate different worlds. Completely expected behaviour.