Game version and old version update

i don’t know what category this will be, but i’m just curious on how old version data will be when new update comes. this has been quite the problem with minecraft also in that with every update, not many old data will be saved for long since it’s easier to get new feature with newer made map. unless game provide a choice in version. Curious to see how the devs will tackle this problem.

While the devs try to keep backwards compatibility between versions, sometimes there are changes that are so fundamental (like the new code for heads where hats were separated from the head) that they cannot keep it between versions. We’re now on version 3 for compatibility so it’s happened twice now. Honestly since this is an alpha, I don’t expect my world to work, but modders will often have to update their code as new systems are added. The only version choice we have at the moment is the current version break for Vista compatibility which is no longer supported.

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yeah i’m just addressing this problem since sometimes finding maps, the right hearthlings, and progress can leave people easily dissatisfied when what they’ve been working for so long can’t be updated. I’m just interested in what they can do against this problem once they reach stonehearth v1 is all. after all, from what i’ve experienced, sandbox creation game like this usually are unable to help with old data when new version is up.

I suppose I just don’t see it as a problem given this is an alpha. I don’t get attached to my villages that much. If I really love it, I take loads of screenshots and can scroll through those, but I’m not going to ask the devs to slow down development even further. If they need to break backwards compatibility, they need to do it. After a certain point the game becomes bogged down in computations anyhow so I prefer a fresh start.

Map seeds can be copied down. I have a little .txt file on my desktop for ones I like. As for keeping the same Hearthlings you could use an editor. I think there was one or two floating around at some point. I have no idea about the future.

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Do they actually have hearthling editors now (cool info thanks)? welp i’m also just waiting for the game to go to version 1.0 and it’s still taking quite some time for that.