Finding Map Seed in Saved Game

I love the map for the current game I’m on but I did not save the seed. I’d like to be able to play this map again. Any way to look up the seed? For the current development 3116. Thanks guys!

if you have debugtools installed ( DebugTools on Github ) you can open the console and type world_seed i believe. That will give you the numbers that make up the seed

You don’t need debug tools installed, @Doc_Brano.


have they added the command without debugtools?

I believe everything is possible with command line alone, the debug tools are just a visual way to use them, to make things easier and faster

Ctrl + C then world_seed worked! Thanks guys. I knew there had to be a way. Btw any other command prompts I should know?

I think if you type “help” it will list all commands


Just want to correct this statement - debug tools adds numerous commands to the console. The following commands require debug tools to be installed:

  • add_gold
  • add_exp
  • set_attr
  • set
  • set_game_speed
  • reset_location
  • change_score
  • reset_scores
  • add_buff
  • remove_buff
  • promote_to
  • add_citizen
  • dump_backpack
  • show_untranslated
  • hot_reload
  • add_journal
  • reproduce
  • grow
  • renew
  • show_item_ids
  • decay
  • get_entity_info
  • get_score
  • make_hungry
  • make_full
  • make_sleepy
  • hotload_mod
  • load_entity_tracker
  • make_hostile
  • make_neutral
  • name_friendly
  • destroy_immediately
  • destroy_npc_stockpiles
  • release
  • get_global_vision
  • ai_resonsider
  • fill_storage
  • now
  • spawn_encounter
  • increase_city_tier
  • fixup_components
  • select_storage
  • unlock