Suggestion for Offense/Defense

Let the archers be able to wear the padded & leather gear - clerics should be able to wear the padded (cloth) only - give them a bit more defense & survivability please!


Don’t forget the trappers, they have a big machete with which to fight and go way out into the open away from nearest help, they should have padded armor at the least, preferable leather gear, so they don’t get picked off by elementals or orcs to far for the alarm to sound, or else die to undead forces.


At least give the Trapper a +1 automatic defense with that nice set of clothes they get. Their big knives also do near-base-footmen damage, so having them be more Aggressive still would be good.

As I said earlier; At level 2 or 3 they should be capable of having a hunting dog or something. 5 damage, 1 defense, Average Hearthling Hp. It’d be something to keep the Trapper safe, and a slightly tankier but less-damage-dealing herd dog for the Shephard.