Suggest Job Level-Up Perks Here!

Just a place for anyone to throw some ideas down about what perks or abilities certain skilled workers could get when they level up. On top of the already confirmed “they can craft a larger range of stuff”. Whilst I think it’s important that these abilities give the crafter better efficiency or new skills, I also think they shouldn’t be super game unbalancing. Moreso, I think it could be a great way to be aesthetically pleasing, having characters with varying visual working animations or effects.

An idea of mine, for starters, Farmers of an advanced level could spread their crop seeds from a bag with a scattering motion, and as such plant a small area of farm all at once, instead of individually hoeing each square in sequence. (perhaps further on using a draft animal to pull a simple plough and do whole rows at once? With the possibility of the animal misbehaving…)

Trappers would disguise their traps with grass, or place tasty bait on the trap, leading to improved catch rate.

I also like the idea of “failure” rates. This wouldn’t mean a carpenter wastes the wood and fails to create a chair, but perhaps a cute animation plays where he hits his hand with a hammer, or the weaver pricks himself, which means the item takes a very small amount of time longer to create. Again, this adds character whilst only slightly being a negative gameplay modifier.


I like the farmer one :slight_smile: .

-Higher chance of traps succeeding
-More traps per square metre
-Specialised traps / trapping zones (for pets or for food/pelts basically)

-Use less thread per cloth bolt
-Chance of leftover thread when making cloth

-You know what? I’m completely at a loss for meaningful perks for carpenters beyond new recipes :frowning: .

-Till soil to improve it
-AoE harvesting (scythes!)
-Extra stuff from harvesting (hay etc)
-More efficient harvesting (eg 1 basket of turnips per 3 turnips, instead of per 4 turnips)

-Shorter cooldown / higher chance to parry
-More damage
-Damage reduction (or just more HP)


welcome aobard @MajorFordson! :smile:

interesting thread… will have to give this some thought… :+1:

the simplest would just be similar to your weaver option… use less materials for a recipe, perhaps?

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Perhaps, but most of the carpenter recipes are quite cheap ATM (also, how do you make it so that you use less than 1 wood :smiley: ?). The bottleneck ATM is the weaver: if you want a bed made the carpenter just needs 1 wood + 1 cloth, but first that means the weaver making 4 items - 3 pieces of thread, and then the cloth itself.


good point… i suppose i was thinking longer term, when the carpenter is crafting more “exotic” items, but yeah… as of right now, this wouldnt be the most helpful…

how about just a simply boost in speed? or…

Why not give the carpenter a small chance to make 2 items instead of one? S/he has developed more efficient use of raw wood…?

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What about a “high quality” version of the item? The item could have an improved bonus to morale/happiness, depending on its purpose (ie. sitting for eating, beds for sleeping/shelter).

Also, with the eventual addition of traders and merchants mentioned in the last development update, they could simply be worth more money, giving your economy a little boost.


For most classes I believe perks should just unlock extra crafts. Perhaps the trapper can gain additional types of traps… Insect, bird, aquatic…

I would like if, upon leveling up, you are presented with varying skill trees you can put points into.

I’ll start with Carpenter:

You have your range of what to craft based on level that wouldn’t change. But, upon reaching level 2 you can go to tree to use an ability point and to pick between 3 paths that would be the same for all the crafting classes. Those paths are speed, quality, and efficiency.

If you put a point in speed you craft x% faster, quality you have x% increased chance of HQing an item, and efficiency x% chance to use less materials.

I think this would be a good system, in that, if you are low on a resource at a starting location you can do efficiency to maximize your resources etc… It would make for different challenges based on different types of random maps.



Bit of a bump here…

I have a suggestion for the Farmer. I previously said that sowing seed in handfulls from a bag would be a great late game perk that allows for faster planting.

How about for earlier game, the Farmer can improve his hoeing and pace. It would be a visually interesting upgrade, where instead of simply stopping and hoeing each square in a somewhat disjointed manner, he gets into the pace and continuously backs up, hoeing all the while.

Even a random SUPER ABILITY a few levels up, where the Farmer charges down a row and turns over all the earth at once would be great.

Also I think that if the soil on farm plots became weedy and needed turning over after a successful harvest it would moderate the pace of farming better, as well as adding some more medieval flavour to the game.


Maybe workers should level up too.
Level 1 +10% speed
Level 3 +1 backpack
Level 5 +10% building speed
Level 7 +10% mining speed


I really like the idea of workers leveling up, and I was going to suggest that, but was beat to it. :wink:

My biggest suggestion would be to let each character have multiple “jobs” they can level up in. If they get to level 3 worker, then they become a carpenter, they could keep any bonuses they gained as a worker (when the carpenter isn’t busy, he basically becomes a worker anyways, so the bonuses could still apply). By the same logic, if you took a level 5 carpenter, and turned him into a worker to help build a building, then changed him back to a carpenter, he should instantly be level 5 again.

i was going to say dual wielding and shield holding for footman, but then i was like…theres gonna be classes for that

could give him different attacks when he levels up

trapper could start trapping stranger things, like bears, or goblins, or even steves

i really liked the carpenter ability to make ‘‘fine’’ furniture after leveling and all but then i dont really know what to do with all the old furniture, we could use a way to recycle the wood back so if i want to make a red house with red benches and lamps i dont have to have a pile of 50 benches, you could have levels effect the efficiency of wood u get back from that

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