Let's Brainstorm the New X-COM Style Perk Trees!

I have some ideas already:

The FARMER could pick being able to restore farming plots more quickly, being able to make preserves, gain more crop yield, so forth (I wasn’t able to think that much for this)

The TRAPPER could take the Baited Traps feature, which allows him to use vegetables (Level I) and grain/corn (Level II), if available, to trap animals with more efficacy; alternatively, they could choose between getting more meat from an animal (Use Every Part) versus being able to get more leather and other non-food resources (finer cuts).

The CARPENTER could have passive traits called “downtime activities” which confer benefits to the entire town; for instance, he could choose to create a set of simple tools in his downtime which improve plant gathering speed by workers, or he could improve his crafting speed in specific tasks which involve plank-like structures (beds, chairs, furniture gets a crafting speed bonus)

The STONEMASON could have a similar downtime activities where he makes, says, chisels which allow workers to harvest more stone while retrieving the same amount of ore, or have an Grindstone ability which gives a bonus to the damage of footmen and knights.

However, I’m concerned that I do not have enough ideas for perks which have to do with the professions themselves, like in the current systems. Suggestions are not only welcome, they are what this thread is for. Have at it!

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well lets start by labeling each profession:

Tier:1 = civilian








Tier : 2 = Civilian





Tier : 1 =militia


Tier :2 =Soldier




Copy and paste with 2 pros that you would like to see.

[quote=“Jeffrey_Bomford, post:2, topic:31359”]

Labour: Movement speed - Mining / wood chop speed

Tier:1 = civilian

Farmer: gather and replant speed - haul more food to storage(inventory space)

Carpenter: craft high level bow / craft better tools for farmer

Herbalist: craft better Health potion / helps hearthlings heal bonus

blacksmith: unique armour / unique sword (you must pick one only) per blacksmith

Stonemason: faster mining / craft better item

Trapper: gets more skins / traps work faster

Tailor: higher defence on clothing / chance for Fine item when crafting

Tier : 2 = Civilian
Engineer: can place more traps and turnip turret / salvage can make more bits and repair faster

Potter: Fine item increase% / speed increase in crafting

Cook: cooks in bulk on basic items / can craft special meal for bonus stats to those who eat it.

Shepherd: can gather 2 at a time animals / move increase
Tier : 1 =militia
Footman: increase attack / increase defence
Tier :2 =Soldier
Cleric: increase heal with Aura regen / heal 2 people at lower hp value
Archer: fire 2 shots / increase damage
Knight: Aura courage to others / Taunt to enemy

Oh. It was my impression that each class would get its own skill tree. I will have to look at the dev stream again.
Also, fine item increases, while compelling, seem like a bit of a nerf in comparison to higher defence on clothing. It would seem that the fine item advantage would only be good if it made it easier to increase net worth to attract people to the village. With more specifics, that could be a really great perk!

I dont know about the stream was just trying to get the ball rolling. I would personally like to see a big over haul on the whole tree and talent thing and restructure of leveling.
I like it as is if it was finished, just has potential for so much more.

I like to think of either the increase to the defence or offence in all perks . so yeah with boost to net worth or more money from items to buy the items you dont make will pay off that way.
abit like the choice you get with what of the 3 statues you make . crafter / military / church. quest for town ship.

As I was thinking of the system, I would want each class to have its own tree. It may be too complex in the end, but it’s difficult to say without diving through the implementation a little. All classes already have their own skill trees anyway, it’s just linear with no choice.


I thought of a fantastic workaround:
There are two aggregations of skills for each tradesman/craftsman: Their array of techniques (catalog) and their profession-specific skills. For instance, A farmer’s catalog could consist of what plants she knows how to grow and how she can prepare the soil (or something) while the Trapper’s catalog could consist of what bait he can make or what animals he knows how to catch. The continuation: profession specific skills for the farmer could be Faster Hoeing of the ground or larger food carry, while the trapper could be able to salvage more leather or get a speed boost because of all the time spent traversing the difficult terrain of the forest, or something.

TL;DR Each profession has a Catalog and a Skill Tree Proper which covers all the bases in terms of skills.

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