A method for the ''Profession tree system restructure''

Todays stream tom was talking about how the profession tree needs to be changed to be more modder friendly

It made the idea pop up in my head to treat proffessions just like how we treat crafting items in the game

everything that applies to crafting an item can be applied to changing a profession

there would be a ‘‘Profession changing workbench’’ ( the firepit itself would do quite nicely)

the item you need to class change would be similar to ingredients needed to create an item

ex: 1 carpenter saw ingredient creates - 1 carpenter

you pick the profession you want and a little menu pops up asking who do you want to change (or vice versa)

ordinals could keep all the mod professions/ heroes organized

I would say go the WoW method of skill trees. Start with Worker on top of tree. Then go to the basic job/class. Separated by Crafters (Carpenter), Soldiers (Footman), Mages (Geomancer), Resourcers (ie Trappers and Farmers). On the next line go to extended job/class.

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