How villages progress

sorry if this has been answered before but i was wondering.

When villages progress to another class its throught giving them a tool as opposed to them gaining experience and being able to choose from one of 2 paths or is it a combination of both with the base class’s of the group being made with the giving of a new tool while more progressed versions are gained via experience and when a decision is made or is the change based on how the villager “used” his class. like if i made a animal herder and if i made him spend more time getting to know his animals he would turn into a beast master but if i made him spend more time breeding he would turn into a animal breeder?

or do i have to wait untill the beta begins before i can find this out.

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Appointing a new profession will require you to create the tool which is required for this class. You might also need to create a workbench. As disclosed recently, the workbench might require again access to e.g. resources, which will be consumed by this new class.

Your professions on the other hand will gain experience as they use their skills, e.g. create items. This might allow them to create more powerful items.


ok so profession increase is just a base lvl of the person in the class so a lvl 5 smith would make better/new/cooler items than a lvl 1 smith but both will use the same materials or as they progress they gain access to new materials and all class’s require a new item to change from say a animal tamer to a beast master?

Yes, I would expect that with the level increase not only the items will look cooler, but they will be also stronger and might require more or better resources.

The professions however do have different purposes. Your Animal Tamer might be able to turn wild animals into domestic ones. So let’s assume you will have to create a “leash” to promote your basic setter to an animal tamer. Over time he gains experience and will be able to tame not only wild chickens, but a (not existing) cow or finally even a mammoth. Maybe this animals can be used by your other professions, e.g… the chickens by the farmer to create food. Now, you want to use them for fighting, e.g. to turn your mammoth into a “war mammoth”. This will require a new profession - the beast master. A beast master might require a tool, too. This time the whip. So you will have to create a whip first. Second you will need an animal tamer who can be upgraded to a beast master (maybe you can just upgrade a basic worker). Now the beast master will start also with level 1, so he can turn your rabbit into a killer rabbit. For the mammoth he needs some time and experience, before he can turn it into a war mammoth.

To stay with this example… feeding a rabbit might only require a base resource, like carrots. Feeding a mammoth might require something more sophisticated, like a special plant your farmers are only able to grow once they have reached level 5. Basically this can become as complex as Radiant wants.

I have just made up this example, but I hope it makes it a bit more visual how this could work. 100% for sure we will be once the Beta is out.

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thats helped me a whole lot thanks i guess i got some reworking to do. can’t wait for beta when all this stuff is out in the open.

also is it known if we will be able to alter the base class’s like say i want to keep the tanner from the base class’s but add in so he is able to treat other fibers to make them stronger or will we just be a matter of copy pasting in their leather worker then adding our code and modle to their old one for the new items, also are the items limited to tools or can it just be different types of gloves or headwear for different class’s.

sorry if some of the questions are unanswerable mabye i should put off modding till beta come out.

edit: another question

You should be able to do both, i.e. adjusting existing features of the game, add items and add new professions. As long as you do not want to change animations and re-use existing assets, that should not be too difficult.

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exactly… as everything the developers provide will effectively be a mod itself, we should have plenty of examples for re-creating/tweaking existing content… but thats not to say entirely new (models/animations/UI) can’t be introduced, just that leveraging existing materials will be an excellent means of seeing what works, and what doesnt…

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cool thanks guys your legends now i can start on some qubicles