Skilltrees for Professions?

I don’t know what you guys think about this, but I would like to see skilltrees for all of the professions out there.

Example 1: You have a footman and he reaches level 3. Now the player can dicide between 2 different skills he can learn.

  • Bash: Powerful hit against a single target for 200% attack damage
  • Whirling Strike: A 360° attack, hitting all enemies within range for 100% attack damage

Example 2: You have a farmer and he reaches level 2. Now the player can dicide between 3 different skills he can learn.

  • Quick Laborer: Gains 20% speed for everything he is doing (plowing, planting, gathering)
  • Natures Gift: 30% chance to get 2 ingredients from a single plant when harvesting
  • Quality Management: 30% chance to get an ingredient with excellent quality. Restores a huge amount of hunger and gives a very high morale boost to hearthlings that eat it. Also increases the quality of cooked food when using excellent quality ingredients.

With this, you can make all your hearthlings even more unique and specialized. And for people who dont like to choose skills, there could also be an “automatically skill my hearthlings on level up” option.



This seems like a nice idea :smiley:

Though could you change the category to #suggestions?

Hoho, didn’t know i can change the category. Thanks for the advice, I changed it. :slightly_smiling: