Talent Specialization Addition

I want to propose the idea of talent trees for hearthlings. Namely, after they have a job assigned to them. The idea for the talent trees would be similar in scope to the talent trees from World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, or Torchlight.

How this would work is by having a talent tree associated with a job, the job could have branches that specializes that hearthling within the profession.

How this would work is as follows. At each level obtained by the hearthling, a talent tier will unlock. Each tier would have two options, with each of these options diversifying the hearthling further from his/her counterparts. The first tier, in this case, would have the options of Warrior and Archer. The hearthling would be unable to be both of those specializations at one time. Additionally, it would focus the hearthling into a specialization needed for the hearthling. This would also clean up the jobs section for the hearthlings because of the narrowing of specializations. The second tier could focus into attack styles or passive bonuses. A third tier could expand on the effectiveness of armor on that particular hearthling. Want an archer that focuses on being a leather wearer because of a speed bonus or do you want a plate wearing archer because of the damage mitigation?

By doing this with every job type, you get rid of the clutter of the jobs screen, add depth to the hearthlings, and give a sense of progression to the player with that particular hearthling.

Just my two cents. If someone has a way to expand on this further, chime in.

I thought about the same thing, except my idea was that specializations would occur at like level 6 where the hearthling can’t progress anymore.
For now I thought only about a few.
The archer would be able to choose between longbowman, with an increased range and damage and decreased rate of fire (for guarding towers and such) And a normal archer who fights on the ground next to other soldiers.
The rest are lame so nvm