Sugarbell plant

There seems to be no sugarbell plants, or herbalist recipe to make sugarbell seeds, so it seems to be impossible to get sugarbells. There is however still a recipe to make sugar using the nonexistent sugarbells and recipes using sugar.

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I’ve also noticed the seeds missing. That’s the issue in my opinion. You are still able to get sugarbell baskets by trade or get them through a mission.

Don’t they spawn in the world? They are rare but there should be some (and probably a high tier shop sells sugar) :thinking:

@TheGster which biome are you playing?

As explained, not all biomes have it. The default biomes all have it scattered around rarely. But modded biomes depend on the modder adding it. For example, in the archipelago there is none in the maps.

The herbalist does not have recipe for its seeds, that is normal. (so far)
To multiply the plant, you need to harvest one first, it will rarely drop a seed with the plant resource.

I am playing in the forest biome. Normal difficulty. 3/4 Plantlife (If you call it that) 2/4 Minerals and I forget the last stat. The very next northern end of my map has a stony part.

Looking around in NA maps, I’ve yet to see a single sugarbell plant that I didn’t bring in myself.

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Uhm, checking the biome file, and there is no sugarbell in arctic indeed…
But, you can get them through the bunnies campaign, where they will literally plant 10 or so in a random spot.

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I thought that was berry bushes? If that really is part of their arc, it’s a very rare part of it.

I’ve also noticed that Vert Green doesn’t seem to sell silkweed seeds. That’d be only especially helpful in the NA setting.

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