Modding and troubleshooting

Started this thread to share our workarounds for various errors when playing with mods.

EDIT: I’m running A23 with the following mods.


For editing .json I use Notepad++ and jsonlint for syntax proofreading. Both are available online for free.

Case of the Missing Sugarbells

I plopped Lorki’s spiffintastic new biome into the mods as usual and fired it up. Worldgen worked without a hitch but when I chose my map area, it insta crashed with some blether about missing sugarbells. Being the audacious soul I am, I went digging til I found a reference to the wily flower.


Ctrl+F has found sugarbells! I removed the offending segment, blotting them from creation, and pasted the slightly thinner json into Jsonlint for verification. After harvesting a couple stray }, I repacked the smod and fired it up, with no further problems. Huzzah!

Sadly, that town met with AI death, possibly due to overseer error. No comment.

Determined to take it a little slower this time, I restarted my experiments on a some new utopian dreamers.

Engine Error!
More missing weeds! Back into the json we go, this time with Agent Orange. I purged every reference to invasive I mean non vanilla folliage I could find. For good measure, I took a peek at lorki_biome.smod\lorki_biome\services\server\mining\mining_loot_table.json to make sure there were no invasive seeds left to poison my perfect utopia. Defoliation completed, I have successfully launched four more test maps with out further error.

Moral of the story: if a specific item is mishandled, misrepresented, or trying to piggyback its way into a perfectly innocent patch of grass, physical removal may help.

This in no way a critique of Lorki’s work, he designed it to work with features which I don’t have installed. I highly recommend the mod.

@Kitkat_Matt, here’s the .json you asked for. post your next crash notes for us.

Generation and mining data. Make sure to put them in the right folders, mentioned previously.