Fixed, thank you

ok nvm I still need help, I thought I had it and I was just being brain dead. but I am stuck. even after fixing what I thought needed to be fixed. I still cant seem to figure it out

sorry I am on meds at the moment.

is it how I compressed the folder? something i missed in the coding?

You accidentally named your manifest file manifest.json.json. Actually, all your files are .json.json files. Do you have file extensions turned on so you can see that?

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first you have named all doubled ^^ then you need a subfolder in the smod like oak_tree ^^

here the fixed file - should now work Dropbox - Link not found

i will test it quick xD


i knew it was something stupidly simple

i had already fixed the dubs in it. it was the additional folder I was having issues with that i somehow missed.

thank yuo so much!

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ok tested and i cant see it in the building editior … now issues with the files anymore and no log issues … so there must be an issue in the building brushes file … mom ^^

i will take a look at that. I wonder if it has to do with some of the color names. I will take a look! thank you

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ok jsonlint has shown that there were 2 duplicted infos in the brushing but thats all and doenst fix it ^^

This isn’t the major bug, but I think the building brushes needs the localization strings fixed. Right now, it’s written for terrian_colors mod (old name of the mod?). You need to change that to oak_tree for those strings to work…

Edit: The bug is in that you typoed “always_avaible” at the start of the file. Change to “always_available” and it works.

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ahh gotcha, yah I was going back and forth between stonehearth brushes and the terrain one.

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You may find that you have building_brush in your localization strings, but you have building_brushes in your localization file. You’ll need to make them the same in both files.

Thank you all for the help. I am hoping to make my tree of life houses look more like trees rather than grass lol