Subnautica: Made by the same people who did NS2

I cant believe I haven’t seen more on this (to some this might be old news) but have you guys heard of Subnautica yet?

For any fans of Natural Selection 2 (Fabulous little RTS/FPS crossover), the studio is also making a truly beautiful game-type… thing. I don’t really know how to describe it, so Imma just[ link you guys and gals][1] to what they’ve released so far.

[here’s a sample]

Personally, deep waters scare the **** outa me, and I’m not so sure this will help that situation


Looks very interesting!

Oh my goodness, what a Necro!

Figured that I’d resurrect this thread to mention that Subnautica is actually available now.

It is Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre Alpha (dubbed Earliest Access), so some of its mechanics are really rough, but it looks and runs great. It is currently available for 35$ (US).

You can get it Here! I will say that the images theyve got alongside the purchase options are not actually seen ingame, as this video ought to show.

Cheers, my Thalassophobic friends!


Kinda like Farsky, hope it has more content though