The itch I can't scratch

Ever since I got tired of Terraria (after pouring far more hours into it than I should have) there has been a gaming itch I can’t scratch. I’ve been buying a bunch of games hoping they would scratch it, but no.

This game though… this is such a beautiful concept, and the graphics are irresistible. If this game turns out the way it is documented, I really think it is going to be a MASSIVE hit. Can’t wait for December. Also, you guys should add a new donation tier for an extra $50 or something to get pre-beta access… Have you ever had an itch you couldn’t scratch? I’ll throw my money at you if you let me scratch it.

Only a few selected Youtubers have access to Pre-Beta, which is Pre-Alpha if I do recall is what they had, the game is just not ready for the public yet, the alpha testers were only advertisement, hype, alpha testers in general. If you want early access, you will have to wait with the rest of the Beta Testers

I hope you don’t mind me jumping to the conclusion that you mean a Kickstarter tier…in which case there’s no point, as the Kickstarter’s over and no longer allows for any purchasing :wink:

Also there is no pre-beta access, even Youtubers are just getting beta access (even if there’s is a week or two early). I know you’re excited (we all are) but December’s really not that far away, and perhaps if you tell us what kind of games you like, we can sort you out with some fillers between now and then :stuck_out_tongue:

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welcome aboard @soth! :smile:

i’m sure you’re familiar with Starbound then?

im afraid the only pre-order tiers available are $30 for beta access (which we’re collectively calling the “first public build”, instead of beta), and $15 for the public release in Sep 2014…

i feel your pain my friend… trust me… :wink:

The world needs more side-scrolling 2D shooters controlled using the keyboard. I only have LieroX, which I would not be surprised if someone came up to me and said ‘You have put 2,000+ hours into LieroX’.

Actually, I would. I mean, that wouldn’t be creepy at all, now would it?

EDIT: If you didn’t guess, this is my itch I could not scratch.

great, something else i have to bother Google about… :smile:

I played LieroX like… 3-4 years ago I think. It was crazy(good) iirc.

Let’s just hope SH can become a hit.

25k people already think it has the potential… i know im an optimist, but i think we’re in good shape! :smile:

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Small world. You should hop back on, we need more players… Crazily inactive nowadays ;(.