Open or closed beta?

I was woundering whether the beta will be an open beta or closed beta, by which I mean will only kickstarter donators (of $30 or more) receive the beta? Thanks!

I have not seen anything said about the beta, other than $30+ get it, but I assume it will be closed

Would be a nasty trick if it would be open beta cause we payed more to get in the beta xD

I think the developers will do whatever they need to do in order to keep this game popular and potentially earning money for them (thus supporting and sustaining the development). If you supported the kickstarter, you got your adorable kittens and/or puppies along with the dragon whelp and mammoth. Those are exclusive for kickstarter supporters, so don’t get bent out of shape if others are able to jump into the beta stage for possibly less than $30.

If you paid $30 for the kickstarter, you are also going to get two copies of the game… thus getting it for about $15 per copy… and I bet that will be a discount as well compared to when the the full version of the game is released.

I highly doubt that there will be a “free” beta test, as there are just too many people willing to try the game out in even its current state with whatever Tony and Tom have on their computers right now who are Kickstarter backers. It would also be reasonable to assume that those who backed on Kickstarter will certainly be getting the first copies well before others might get a shot. In other words, the early supporters will certainly be getting the beta copy (in whatever state it might be) in December of this year, but I could see it opening up again in the spring (March/April) of next year for those who didn’t get in with the Kickstarter but it will still be considered a “beta” version.

That would be a good thing as it would provide a bit of a cash flow for the company and help build up the fan base of the game as well. If it is as good as I hope, there will be a whole bunch of people begging to try out the game by then.

I don’t recall where but one of the devs were saying that they were thinking of a way for non kickstarters to gain access to the beta but don’t know the specifics/costs at this time.

yes, there will be additional ways for folks (down the road) to also gain access to the beta process… while its awesome to be an early supporter, some people may have simply missed the entire campaign (for whatever reason)…

however, the beta will be (by all accounts) closed to those folks who made donations at the $30 level and above…

i think it will be going the normal way ^^ at first it will be an closed beta and we make the bugreporting and later on the last months or weeks they will make an open beta to test the servers.

i think they will do the traditional closed bets for kickstarter only and then go to an open beta or straight to release

I’m sure once they are closer to releasing the beta they will let us know.

ok that wasn´t the point of this topic xD but yes you have right they will make highchance an update on november/start december when the beta will start^^

@SteveAdamo would be awesome if you are on the right track. I know 3 or 4 KS-Games which I did not learn about before … and thus missed potential Beta-Access by up to a year because the developers have no other way available.

At the same time I think, games like Stonehearth can profit even more from more people in the long run, due to being such an open/modable design.

Let’s make this a possible scenario:

  • between now and December they open up to hand the game to a few more handpicked people for a bit extended Alpha-Testing
  • between December and May, only KS-People have access to the Beta
  • between May and Release additional people are allowed to somehow enter the Beta

I would say first closed and then some time before final release they will have open beta. just like planetside 2 had o-o exept that this won’t over populate the servers to hell.