Stuck in a building with doors

I made a crafter building for blacksmith and mason, they palced the mason workbench inside but not the anvil one for some time, and now I realsied I got 2 people stuck in there, after thinking about it I also noticed the floor is red when in building mode so that could be connected.

more info:
weaver was the one who placed mason workshop inside
the other dude recently joined the town.

look from the other corner

building view

Running 64 bit, 2176 build (unstable one)

I might add a video of it in few days

hey there @CrvenoBradi … welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for the report… I’ve embedded your images directly (you should be able to do this in time as well)… :+1:

Thanks, I can’t do it since I’m the new guy :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can confirm this bug, a temporary fix is to not have your carpenter make the doors. This will leave an opening for a house so they don’t get stuck.

Oh, okay, but the other custom building is working just fine…?

Judging by the pics it looks like one of your roads actually dug into the door, maybe thats what turned the building red?

You can see where the floor and road are flush.

The second door is fine… or that doesn’t make a difference?
Will try removing the road and have a nice hole in the doorway :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a heads up, putting door by each other, make them lock. also, if your building goes red, it is not recognized as a building and doors wont work

What do you mean by “make them lock”?

lock I mean makes the doors not work. Basically locked

I got this Bug again in B2391(x64), I had the luck I made an opening in the roof so i could get them out by building a ladder to the top. but they refuse to take the door.
Some details about the building that make it special so it might be related to it:
it has a door on the second floor
the roof is made out of slabs
it is build next to water.