Structure Build Bug

Summary: An Ascendency ‘Home for two’ Won’t finish. I have all the supplies.

I’m sure I can attach the save. or a screenshot. I have no idea why the building isn’t finishing.

I have no mods or modifiers.

System Information:
Windows 7
AMD STRIX FX480 graphics card
(I forget the CPU specs)

yeah just right click the save and zip it, then copy and past it into the chat box and it will be uploaded. same goes for screenshots

I just signed up and cannot post attachments. However, I think I figured it out.

There’s a 4x8 ledge adjacent to the corner of the house. Even though none of the building is obstructed, this is probably the problem. 1 scaffolding is stuck up top. The hearthlings will not place the inner lantern, outer lantern, beds, or the door, and leave the structure almost finished. This happens regardless if I cancel all existing tasks(excluding the trapper) or not.

BTW, I’d love to make building templates like you guys do(with fancy objects, and alternate coloring of some areas of the structure). Will the upcoming editor allow that?

(Screenshot taken before building. I’ve fast-forwarded a couple times trying to get the structure to work)