Stream about Clan Amberstone questline

So i just finnished watching this stream, it was one of the really fun ones! Please do go and watch it here:
The title should be updated?

I was wondering if Clan Amberstone has taken any inspiration from the japanese island filled with rabbits?

Regarding Party goblin attending the celebrations… i have proof! i was so happy when i spotted him crashing the party :heartpulse: :merry:


My notes on the stream:
We learned a lot of stuff, such as the fact that “Richard has been dealt with accordingly”, whatever that means. :stuck_out_tongue:

Luke mentioned stuff about treating the rabbits with respect “bunny is a derogatory term.” “How dare you give us carrots, our culture is so much more than that.”, and being able to play with it. That sounds cool, and could also be the start of exploring a more and more common thing in society, how do you go from ignorance about a group to being sensible enough to say, not immediately offer just carrots to the rabbits. Of course this depends on how likely the hearthlings are to know somewhat about rabbit culture, and it could be an interesting part in forging the alliance.

Also, speaking of which is the correct term, maybe the term “rabbit” refers to the small cutesy animals that aren’t super intelligent (as is currently the case), while “bunny” refers to the more intelligent species of which the amberstone clan members are members. As result, the term rabbit would maybe be an insult.

“The sacha caracter hides their caracter”, maybe it is fluid or uncertain or somewhat else. It could be fun to never be quite clear what is going on there. It is not realay important for the story as I see it, after all.

"Some rabbit come to you and says “‘Hey, we ran into some goblins and they demanded that we give them 10 doors, could you help out.’” " This definately sounds cool, it gives the player the impression that they aren’t the only ones to recieve the goblin treatment.