Strategies with dealing with Undead

So right of the bat I have found that a good strat for the first days in 2 footmen. After day three the zombies are packing some serious heat, and have stone clubs and maces. They took out my 2 footmen fairly quickly and then killed my population minutes thereafter. So what have you guys been doing to hold them at bay? Its kind of hard to build out quickly and have stone and iron swords etc by day 2-3 with limited pop and having to balance gold, food and happiness. Any good strategies for countering this.

Right when you start off place one block slabs all around the area you want your base! The more you place the farther the zombies will spawn, as they dont spawn close to your buildings! make 2 groups: 1. with your footmen. 2. With everyone else.

Bunch up all your guys and engage the zombies with a mob.

Or just keep running away from them and they will vanish when day comes :smiley:

They do need to tune the zombies down a bit at the start!

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Personally, I’d like to see the undead only show up some nights… after all, Stonehearth wasn’t set in the apocalypse last time I checked.


Beware, the Cute Apocalypse!

I haven’t gotten around to the new release yet, so I still need to experiment with it. I’ll try to add anything I can come up with…


I think that they when they kill you they should make that worker a zombie too, and when a blood moon occurs, all of your workers that died will spawn no matter where they are, but i also believe that they shouldn’t spawn till you reach a certain amount of deaths with your people and enemies alike

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Well every game I start now is the same.

find a place that is easy to defend.
first thing to do: Promote your carpenter( get a high mind stat)
make 2 swords, 1 hoe, 7 beds, a mason hammer and 52 wooden bucklers.
while you do this get your workers to collect wood and make the place better defendable by leaving only one opening.

once night comes:
Halt all mining and gathering that is far from your camp
promote 2 footman (high HP, high body stats)
promote a farmers ( high body stat, they are faster so more food)
(if you dont have a farmer shops wont appear)(Not true see bellow)
promote a mason
level mason to 1 and hve him make 2 stone hammers for your footman.

once a shop comes sell 50 bucklers, they sell at 70g/piece. this should net you 3500g

if a clothes shop comes buy 2 padded vests and 5 upgraded worker vests
if a food cart comes buy 99 berries, 99 pumpkin, 99 corn and 99 pieces of meat.

This is the fastest start I know, it will leave you with 2 workers which isnt much but for some reason its almost impossible now to get 50 food for the daily update from farmers alone. and you need more heartlings fast if you want to survive.

The game is pretty hard atm. it might still be easy to survive, if you manage your hearthlings well. but its hard to thrive.

Edit: @Xylos pointed out shops will appear even without farmers, I just had the bad luck I didnt get a shop for days. I made a farmer and got a shop a second after the promotion. so I assumed it was waiting till I had a farmer.


undead is hard on first day. but after… when you have surrounded your camp with fence wood or stone , you dont have to fear gooblin or undead… it a same to play on peacefull game…

So i dont know why after 2 day i have to deal 4 squelet… On my first try i lost 4 stony…

And squeletor dont disappear with day light…
But, all squeletor go to gooblin camp.

just gonna toss it out there, perhaps this should be under General discussion or gameplay

I get shops without farmers. I simply make wooden shields to buy all my resourses- wood, stone, food, wool, thread, upgraded workers outfits, etc. I make my table, beds, etc though. I work to get a a blacksmith to smith a second carpenter when I can get the chance so I have at least one constantly making wooden shields. As for defense, I just use mining to dig a hole around my base. Takes more than a single day though, so you need a footman the first night or two but it helps get ores. I use stone fences to block ladders and such if I have them were it would allow invaders

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Ok then it must have been weird on my end, I didnt get shops for four days and i made a farmer and got a shop a few seconds after it I thought it was because of it but it seems i just had bad luck.

Nice to see you sell also sell the shields. It gives so much gold, I sometimes get the feeling im cheating.

I have edited my post so I wont spread false information.

The undead have made the game virtually unplayable. I had 3 footmen level 1 with padded armour, wooden shield and stone hammers. I built a fence all around my area and was starting to move into a new area above my settlement so I could mine for ores. My fence was not yet complete so a group of undead managed to get into my area. Firstly I set my footman group to attack an area, they moved to the area and just stood there getting killed by the undead. I removed the attack flag but there were so many doing so much damage that my guards didn’t last very long at all.

I’ve also had undead spawning within my fence.

They definitely need to be nerfed for sure. Sometimes they spawn with wooden swords or a carpenters saw and they get taken out easily. However sometimes they spawn with iron swords and shit and kill my footmen very fast. I have found a way to claim a spot that is next to a cliff both above and below with short distance from each and throw fence up on each end of town. That seams to work but then it just becomes a sandbox again…The issues with scaffolding and other things seems to have been fixed, is it me or are the villages just scarfing through food now???

I find a spot between 2 lakes/ponds, start my camp there, and then dig channels to connect the lakes. If needed, I will build a bridge 1 block wide. This funnels the undead and makes them easier to manage. Also it is easy to block with a single fence ^^

This best defense is a good fence =P


A very smart defence i say… You’re using the pathfinding AI to your advantage!


Are the undead really that bad? I haven’t noticed, I make one footman and on the night the undead come withhold them until the undead are close enough to aggro the entire wrath of my village on town defense. I do this until I can make an upgraded weapon and leather armor at which point the footman will only need the help of a couple civies at most, if I get another footman then I don’t worry about the undead unless a villager is caught out in the night… poor poor Cici Karn.

well they fixed/re-balanced it awhile ago, but for a little bit they were really tough…

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Oh woops I didn’t look at the dates of the posts my bad.

Not only were they really tough, at one point they were on peaceful…