Strange Reembark Error

Upon clicking the reembark quest the error dialogue pops up, constantly asking me to reload UI, every time. The quest is broken… it won’t copy to clipboard so I had to hit F12 and take a steam pic screenshot. Also, I clicked the “x” to bypass the error. The game continues as normal, except, my inventory shows I own -nothing- as in zero of all sources, as if my settlement just started, the hearthlings are doing something, yet the status screen shows they are all idle… some even do show activity, it’s blank. No words. Also, before the issue the AI was acting funny, herbalists wouldn’t make strong antidote or normal one, yet made other things.

Lastly, the game refused to quit, but was NOT locked up. The quit function was broken at this point, so I had to ctrl+al+del and do it the quick’n dirty way, kill the task.

Dunno if the image below shows.

Are you using the reembark+ mod

I don’t use mods. Had similar issues before the big patch, with the prior drink patch. Well, not as bad, I could get the game to quit.

The quit button (any button, really) “stops working” once you have a serious UI issue. This error on the printscreen is an UI error, not an engine error, so that’s what breaks the Exit or Load buttons – but when that happens you can usually bypass it by refreshing the UI (Pressing F5), that should allow you to use the UI again until it breaks by interacting with the window that caused the error (again)

The issue seems to be something that you have in your inventory causing trouble with the “reembark_version” setting some items have/use… Not sure what could it be, though - would need to see your entire inventory :forlorn:
But I suppose we can also find a way to prevent that error from happening when the info isn’t found…

Sadly that game was a fustercluck >.> inventory was all over the place and the workers… well, they weren’t helping. I’ll just chalk that one up to a messy game issue. If I encounter the issue in a situation where items are properly placed, I’ll letcha know.

One request, next update, can you tone “normal” down a bit? Goblins are way OP. They send two to three gobs with hard helmets and heavy maces when the town is in it’s infancy, also, kind of unfair that they can summon gobs at will. I know you have a ton on your plate as is, but… had to point this out.