Not Being Prompted to Name Settlement

Greetings :slight_smile:

I just started a new game and haven’t received the prompt to name my settlement, so it remains named “Voyage 150” (I’m already at 11 hearthlings) and the new hearthling join messages are buggy (some code showing where the settlement name should be)

I have a bunch of mods so that might be why this is happening, and I’ve activated the debug tools but don’t know how to use them, so I was wondering if someone here could tell me how to trigger the initial naming and banner selection event - sorry to bother :stuck_out_tongue:

It is the kingdom responsibility for triggering that. What kingdom you are using?

northern alliance

through trial and error I have discovered that it was veloren elves causing the problem - i have alerted the maker of the mod

I am actually having the same issue whenever I attempt to re-embark using an empire that was not the original empire. Based on the description of re-embarking, this seems to be a bug. For example, if I start as Ascendancy and attempt to re-embark as NA, I am never prompted to name my settlement, no matter how many days pass or whatever else happens. Is there possibly a manual work-around, or some issue I am not aware of? I do use modded classes and items.

hmm going ascendency > na… shouldnt break NA’s quests as far as i know (and those quests decide if/when you get to name stuff) if you turn on the debug tools you can check the quest browser, maybe that might give us a hint whats going on

Alright, i’ve got them on. What should i be looking for and under what option? I am not exactly well-versed at debugging.

Top right corner of your screen when you are ingame, has a bunch of icons, a black looking book icon should say something like quest browser? Click that. Screenshot the screen that opens, dump it here

Is this what you mean?

yes exactly! well now we know there isnt a town quest, so that explains why you didnt get the quest to name your town. i just dont know -why- its not there. and unfortunately thats where my skillset ends… someone else might know though?

Any guesses? I’m running with a lot of mods, but I have no idea which ones are tied to that sort of thing.

Might not be a mod but I don’t re embark a lot so don’t have much experience @Cirdain might know?

It was something i was running. I disabled a bunch of mods and it worked, but I think it was the old Greeklings mod in particular.

Yeah that would make sense, the main quest on that one isn’t all that functional if I remember well (was my gf’s project but she’s not really doing anything with it)