No opportunity to name settlement

I have tried to load a new peaceful mode game several times, viewed everything very carefully, and have determined that there is never a chance to name my settlement. It is always some default “Expedition (No.)”

Is that intended?

When you choose your banner you are prompted to choose a settlemant name. I believe it’s at the top of the banner selection screen.

Didn’t they change it so the name stays “Expedition [randomnumber]” until Mer Burlyhands shows up upon whose arrival it’s possible to choose an actual name.

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Yes It’s supposed to be defaulted to that, after a few days you will be promted to choose your banner and name, just like @Avairian pointed out.

Let us know if there is something else!

It’s prompted after a few in-game hours, on the first day, when you choose your banner bonus. The temporary name (“expedition #”) is different depending on which kingdom are you playing.


Oops, you’re right. I misread “choose your banner” as “place your banner”.

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Ahh! That explains it.

Ah. I haven’t played in aaaaaaages so I didn’t realize they implemented a new way to name the settlement. Thanks for letting me know!