Strange fps drops on high end machine

It seems unlikely for me to have a problem such as this, because I can run almost anything else smoothly. The biggest fps drop is happening during the night with all the lights and shadows.
sys specs:
8gb ram at 1600Mhz
sapphire radeon r9 280x 3gb vapor x
intel i5 3.2 ghz/haswell 1150
1Tb storage
asus B85m-k motherboard

i dont want to turn it down because it kills the atmosphere of the night without nice bonfires and shadows. any advice?
-a sad village builder :wink:

hey there @Fenris_Vanagand, welcome to the discourse :smile:

hopefully in the future the lighting system will get revisited, but currently the only workaround for FPS drops at night is turning down/off the shadows and lights :disappointed_relieved:


So it seems it’s the lightning and shadows chewing too much cpu…eh, can’t do anything about that from my side :frowning: