Strange building bug

I have encountered a strange bug. In my current town, I started constructing roads. While my hearthlings were building that road I began to design a wall around my town. That wall was built directly next to the road in one area. As soon as the design touched the road being built my building name changed from Building No. 50-something into building No. 20 (Which was the road) and the road voxels the hearthings had placed already disappeared. Now that road and the wall I was designing became one building. I decided to make it anyway and instant-build the wall/road combo.

Not thinking much of it I continued with my town and eventually started to design a tower on the upper tier right next to where that wall connects. Anything I design up there, if it touches that wall, becomes building 20 and part of this mega-structure.

I was going to build a tower next to the wall right next to that blue-roofed entrance.

One last thing to add: The wall/road was build using instant build console command, so its completed. However if I click on the building it opens the building editor and I can apparently pause construction/start construction. Pressing the button doesn’t do anything, the hearthlings still do their other tasks

No mods, release 549 (x64)


This is probably related to [Bug] Buildings wont have walls

I’m not sure if it’s intended that you’re allowed to edit / add adjacent things while a building is being constructed. But if it isn’t, it’s definitely a bug and / or an enhancement needed on the UI / system to prevent this situation at the moment.


The way “buildings” tag onto each other during construction seems really inconsistent and happens during building planning also, not just during actual construction. I’ve seen visually identical foundations become 1, 2, or 4 different “buildings” depending on the order I clicked and drew the specific tiles.

The shirt term solution seems to be to only have one at any one time, and save before each new construction starts building
Never click that start building button till they’ve started taking down the scaffolding and you’ve clicked save.


I experience the separate buildings ‘merging’ under 1 name and becoming singular structure. Not sure but the inconsistency makes it feel like a bug.

However, Shurakai, the ‘Pause Building’ function is there so you are able to continue to edit a building during and after its construction. Notice the ‘Edit’ button becomes highlighted and selectable after pausing the build.


When building one house after another, it never happened to me. Yet when I design a new building with slabs, both get merged as soon as a slab part touches both buildings.