Using remove building removes all adjacent buildings as well

Summary: While Trying to build a wall around my growing town I ran into the problem where my hearthlings wouldn’t build additional walls. So I decided to remove the sections they wouldn’t build and try again as this sometimes will work. Upon using the remove tab in the building menu, my hearthlings proceeded to tear down the wall next to it and then began tearing up the road near it as well. The remove button doesn’t seem to discriminate between one building and another if they are touching

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build walls and a road next to each other
  2. Choose to remove one section
    3)Watch as your hearthlings tear apart your hard work.

Expected Results: I expected the (not yet built) section of wall to simply disappear so I could attempt to build a new one

Actual Results: My hearthlings tear down everything that was in contact with the wall section, including the road next to it.

Notes: I have had a lot of trouble in this particular update of getting them to place items or build walls. They never seem to be able to build more than two walls next to each other before they ignore the rest. The save I attached is showing them immediately after removing a wall and they have begun tearing up the road next to it.

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Version Number and Mods in use: Development build 2924 no modsDxDiag.txt (23.5 KB)

System Information:

I have noticed this as well - any buildings which touch (including roads) become the same building. Including pausing construction or removing as you pointed out.

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yeah, I played with it a bit before posting this, I was able to tear down my entire town simply by building a wall that connected the buildings then removing it. Definitely a game breaker if you have a lot of close structures.

Ì can confirm this bugg

Yeah, it’s not so much a bug as a design issue. Any planned structure will connect itself to any other unfinished structure it touches.

Either always leave a one tile border or finish one building completely before building the next. In the past at least finished buildings wouldn’t connect themselves.

Yeah, the one tile thing is easy for everything except walls, which is what I was trying to build originally. Walls, by their very nature, must touch. I can separate everything else.

I have found a similar issue when I built paths between my completed buildings. Because I make the path go from door to door it joins all the buildings together as one object which generates game errors or confuses my hearthlings.

first off, sorry for the late reply :sweat:

i think i’ve seen this issue reported before… give me a moment to check around for a merge…

edit: alright, @Karede, is the problem you’re experiencing the same as this one,

It’s similar yes, although it seemed a little worse than that for me, the wall vanished, then they tore down the adjoining walls, then the road that touched the wall. Then a few more sections of road as well as a house. It doesn’t seem to have been addressed in any of the patches, including today’s.